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Our Mission
Our Mission
At Ludus, our mission is to build tools that empower everyone involved within the arts to focus on what they do best: sing, dance, play, act, direct, and perform. Whether you’re an actor, instrumentalist, vocalist, director, teacher, box office manager, etc., we are here to help you embrace the arts.

Overall, we believe in the power of the arts and the power of the artist. Communities, students, and the world need the arts to thrive (even if a few cynics say otherwise). It’s up to us to use our resources to ensure the arts remain in our lives for generations to come.

At this time, Ludus is building a few products following our mission: Ludus Tickets, Ludus Spotlight, and AnywhereSeat. We're also keeping focus on where Ludus will be in 5, 10, and even 100 years from now (we have a long-term focus with no exit strategy). Our plan is to build additional technology tools, start a non-profit to spread the importance of arts education, fund new productions, manage theatres, and to become a major part of the arts community.

Zachary Collins
CEO & Co-Founder